The Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities offers a wide range of services that are designed to support families who have a member diagnosed with an ASD. Our services are developed to empower the individual on the spectrum, as well as families and to support parents and caregivers in meeting not only the needs of their child with ASD, but their entire family. Intervention planning is family-focused. Some of the family-based services we offer include:

  • Brief counseling to better understand your/your child’s diagnosis and to develop effective coping strategies
  • Individual sessions to navigate services in the community, as well as services at the Lindner Center
  • Individual/parent/family training and training groups to address behavioral concerns, promote positive behavior, and build skills; we want parents to feel confident and competent in their parenting practices
  • Workshop series on topics of interest for parents/families such as navigating resources, positive behavior supports and working with your school/community team

At the Lindner Center, we believe strongly in the importance of learning and skill-building. We aim to provide individuals, families and professionals with training educational opportunities and resources. Parents play an incredibly important role in continuing to support our evidence-based services in their homes and in the community. We consider parents to be an extension of our clinical team and encourage parents/families to participate, learn, ask questions, and connect with others while participating in the services we offer.